About me

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Jeffrey S. Rosenthal. I am also a graduate student affiliate at the Vector Institute. I have been exploring many statistical learning algorithms during the last few years. More recently, I am focusing my work on Probabilistic Graphical Models and Variational Autoencoders (VAE) but I have always been intrigued by Latent Variable Models in general. I have a strong research interest towards explainable A.I. and model interpretability. I am also interested in video game applications such as Procedural Content Generation.

About the website

I have recently released a Miscellaneous section containing unpublished articles, research projects or notes I wrote for myself covering a wide range of topics I studied the last few years.

I also plan to release a French version of the website soon. I might as well include blog posts on thoughts and feelings towards academic-related topics.

About me (personally)

I was born in Montréal in 1990 and still visit the city quite frequently! I like coffee, video games, streaming, biking, sciences and most geek stuff. I am intrigued by game design in general but specially video game design. If I could duplicate myself, the other me would definitely study game design and I hope to find a way to combine both my passion for stats and video game design in some interesting way. I am also interested in “learning” in general. Lately I have also developed a taste for random arts such as showcased here.